July 17th 2014: group exhibition

Featuring, Stories East of the River - a series documenting the new generation growing up in Moldova's breakaway region, Transnistria.

Brixton, London - Thursday 17th July: Join us for the opening night of SELECT/14, Photofusion's group exhibition featuring work by Chloe Borkett, Jochen Klein, Katarina Mudronova and Travis Hodges. Read about the exhibition at:


May 2014: work-in-progress

Since late 2012 I have been slowly chipping away on a new body of work which examines the effects of the insidious and entrenched corruption in Ukraine and how it has shaped society.

Below is a wee preview taken from one of the three satellite projects that will eventually make up the story currently titled: Zelyonka (brilliant green).

Claudia (70), Kharkiv - Eastern Ukraine. Homeless.